1. KOSMOS062DGTL "V/A Skool Dub EP Vol.2"
    Liquiek, Electrosoul System, Green Vibes, Nummix, MC Fusah

  2. KOSMOS061DGTL "V/A Kosmopolitic EP" Vol.4
    Radicall, Electrosoul System, MsDos & Greekboy, Kelle & Juha, Kos.Mos.Music Collective, Paladion

  3. KOSMOS060LPDGTL Dissident & Cyberworm "Antrakt LP"
    Dissident & Cyberworm

  4. KOSMOS059DGTL V/A "Kosmological Conspiracy LP - Sampler 1"
    I Wannabe, Bop, Electrosoul System

  5. KOSMOS058DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part X"
    Electrosoul System, Marginal, Spectrah, HeadRead

  6. KOSMOS056DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part IX"
    Electrosoul System, Spectrah, Liquitek, Nummix

  7. KOSMOS057DGTL V/A "KosMos Gets Harder After Album EP"
    Electrosoul System, HeadRead, Storm Crew, Green Vibes, Distant Future, Kos.Mos.Music Collective

  8. KOSMOS055DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion LP - Pre-Album Sampler #2"
    Lowriderz, Grinder, Electrosoul System

  9. KOSMOS054DGTL Basic Maneuver "Echo From Another Time"
    Basic Maneuver

  10. KOSMOS053DGTL Malaky "Reflections (Electrosoul System Remixes)"

  11. KOSMOS052DGTL V/A "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.3"
    Liquitek, Paladion. Electrosoul System, Sneaky Warior, Dynamic Stab, Radicall

  12. KOSMOS051DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part VIII"
    Future Engineers, Basic Maneuver, Tire, The Harmonist

  13. KOSMOS049DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion LP - Pre-Album Sampler #1"
    Barvitura, Cryo

  14. KOSMOS039DGTL VA "Deep Structures EP Part VII"
    Electrosoul System, Satl, Basic Maneuver, Dissident

  15. KOSMOS040DGTL Pryzma "Solar Tentacles"

  16. KOSMOS041DGTL VA "Lick The Electro EP"
    Liquitek & Cutworx, Melotronics, Pryzma & Dynamic Stab, Electrosoul System

  17. KOSMOS042DGTL Barbitura "Jellyfish"

  18. KOSMOS043DGTL Electrosoul System "Fish Eat Duck Remixed - After Album EP"
    Electrosoul System

  19. KOSMOS044 046LPCD 048 V/A "KosMos Gets Harder LP"
    Various Artists

  20. KOSMOS038DGTL nClear "Alien Invasion"

  21. KOSMOS036DGTL VA "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.2"
    Nummix, Liquitek, Paladion, Pluton & Skyer, Pryzma & Eugenics Eight, Electrosoul System

  22. KOSMOS032DGTL V/A "Skool Dub EP Vol.1"
    Electrosoul System, nClear, Nummix, Subwave

  23. KOSMOS033DGTL Electrosoul System "Fish Eat Duck Remixed"
    Electrosoul System, Subwave, Future Engineers, Sunchase, RoyGreen & Protone, The Harmonist and more

  24. KOSMOS031DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part VI"
    Electrosoul System, nClear, Nummix, Abstract Elements

  25. KOSMOS030DGTL Electrosoul System "Fish Eat Duck Remixed EP. The Album Sampler"
    Electrosoul System, The Harmonist, Cutworks, Intelligent Manners, Command Strange, Bop

  26. KOSMOS029DGTL V/A "Lick The Electro EP #2"
    nClear, Electrosoul System, Pryzma, NV

  27. KOSMOS028DGTL nClear "& Friends On The Wave EP"
    nClear, Eugenics Eight, Electrosoul System, Liquitek

  28. KOSMOS027DGTL V/A "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.l"
    Electrosoul System, nClear, Nummix, Liquitek, Paladion and more

  29. KOSMOS026DGTL V/A "Lick The Electro EP"
    Liquitek, Electrosoul System, Pryzma, Melotronics

  30. KOSMOS025DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part V"
    Derrick & Tonika, Electrosoul System, Abstract Elements, m25 & First Fuction

  31. KOSMOS024DGTL Electrosoul System "Kosmopolitic EP Vol. IV"
    Electrosoul System, Liquitek

  32. KOSMOS023DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion EP Vol.IV"
    Liquitek, Electrosoul System, RoyGreen & Protone, nClear, Eugenics Eight, Nummix

  33. KOSMOS022DGTL Electrosoul System "Touch Of Silence EP"
    Electrosoul System, Pryzma, nClear, Paul B

  34. KOSMOS021DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part IV"
    Electrosoul System, Derrick, Tonika, Abstract Elements, Faib

  35. KOSMOS020DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion Vol.lll"
    The Harmonist, nClear, Eugenics Eight, Raha, RoyGreen & Protone, Electrosoul System

  36. KOSMOS019DGTL V/A "Electrosoul System present Kosmopolitic LP"
    Electrosoul System, Future Engineers, The Harmonist, Liquitek, nClear, Paladion and more

  37. KOSMOS018DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion Vol.II"
    Electrosoul System, Vospi, Leila, nClear, Command Strange, The Harmonist

  38. KOSMOS017DGTL Electrosoul System "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.3"
    Electrosoul System, Igor Dorohov

  39. KOSMOS016DGTL V/A "LiquiDNAtion Vol.I"
    The Harmonist, Intelligent Manners, nClear, Electrosoul System

  40. KOSMOS015DGTL V/A "Deep Structures EP Part III"
    Electrosoul System, Abstract Elements, Faib, Cutworks

  41. KOSMOS014DGTL Pryzma "The Galaxy In Danger EP"
    Pryzma, Electrosoul System, Cutworks

  42. KOSMOS013DGTL Electrosoul System "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.2"
    Electrosoul System

  43. KOSMOS012DGTL Electrosoul System & Cutworks "Milkway Odyssey Remixes"
    Electrosoul System, Cutworks, Pryzma, Faib, Andrey Burtaev

  44. KOSMOS011DGTL Electrosoul System "Kosmopolitic EP Vol.1"
    Electrosoul System, Bop, GeneticBros

  45. KOSMOS010 V/A "On A Mission Too EP"
    Electrosoul System, Purple Haze, Logarithmia, B Cloud

  46. KOSMOS009 Electrosoul System & Cutworks "Milkway Odyssey" / Cutworks "Terminal"
    Electrosoul System, Cutworks

  47. KOSMOS008 Electrosoul System "To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix)" / Bop "Space Abyss (Electrosoul System Psychedelic Remix)"
    Electrosoul System, Bop, Makoto

  48. KOSMOS007 V/A "Deep Structures EP Part 2"
    Electrosoul System, Reborn

  49. KOSMOS006 V/A "Deep Structures EP Part 1"
    Electrosoul System, Abstract Elements

  50. KOSMOS005 V/A "On A Mission EP"
    Electrosoul System, Bop, Oak, Subwave, Stop Thinking

  51. KOSMOS004 Bop "Skeptikos (Mav Remix)"
    Mav, Bop

  52. KOSMOS003 Electrosoul System "Attention" / "Form Of Life"
    Electrosoul System

  53. KOSMOS002 Electrosoul System "Honcho"/ Bop "Skeptikos" / Electrosoul System "Nine Planets"
    Electrosoul System, Bop

  54. KOSMOS001 Future Engineers "Bionics" / "Bionics (Electrosoul System Space Trip Mix)
    Future Engineers, Electrosoul System


Kos.Mos.Music Moscow, Russia

Kos.Mos.Music is independent music label based in Moscow, Russia. The label is founded in 2006 by Roman Paramonov (promoter of Steppin'Session, Phuture Beats, NoWayOut, Ditch Bitch and other events) and Andrey Burtaev aka Electrosoul System.

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